Wednesday, September 16, 2009

how technology passes us by

I was helping my girlfriend's mother install some security software on
her windows vista PC and I began to realize how technology can pass us
by. I was trying to drag and drop her music into a folder and it
would just disappear and not end up where I wanted. For someone who
has spent decades with windows 3.1, 95, and XP, this was bewildering.
When you drag a file and drop it somewhere, it copies to that
location. After a little frustration, I realized that Windows Vista
was recognizing that I was copying music and put it in the "music"
folder instead, this was simply Microsoft trying to be "helpful".
These little changes will continue to compound until surely one day, I
will be an old person confusedly looking at a computer screen (or
perhaps image on a contact lens computer). I tend to think of myself
as a logical person who understands technology and is all up on
Facebook twitter etc... and yet I've found myself resisting Vista,
resisting Office 2007 (I just can't believe they got rid of the
structure of shortcuts in Excel). Will my resistance continue until
I'm a bewildered old man? Or will I just get a Mac at some point?

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akashdshah said...

I'm trying to figure out if you're connecting dots that don't exist or if this is actually extremely insightful.