Monday, June 29, 2009

In this house called the universe...

 facts are the leaks in the roof and scientific hypothesis are pots that capture the water.  Often when those hypotheses pots overflow, people come and get bigger and better pots.  In some rare cases, a larger pot is exchanged for a smaller pot even before the water has overflown (i.e as in when Einstein comes up with relativity decades before evidence verifies it).  At its worst, religion consists of pots that are overflowing with water, at its best, religion constructs pots where there is no leak.  In other words, religion often makes scientific claims (about the origin of the universe, origin of life, miracles) that given our understanding of the world are unlikely to be true.  To the extent that religion makes claims that are by definition unverifiable (there is an abstract, consciousness that exists beyond our comprehension) they are placing pots where there are no leaks.

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